National Lighting Distributor

Philips, GE, Sylvania logosService Lamp Corporation is a national lighting distributor, one of a few distributors authorized to represent all major lighting manufacturers including Philips, General Electric and Sylvania. We specialize in lighting --  fixtures and lamps, needed by our customers to present their businesses in the best possible light. Our customers include the best in commercial, hospitality, industrial and retail businesses. We also provide lighting distributors and lighting retailers a single source for a wide range of lighting products.

Lighting for Business Customers

Service Lamp is in business for businesses. Privately owned and operated since 1976, Service Lamp is large enough to service national lighting accounts but small enough to provide personal service to even the smallest account. If you are a property owner, a business with a single location or chain with nationwide lighting requirements, contact Service Lamp toBusiness Picture learn how we will meet your needs for efficient and sustainable lighting.

Our lighting products cover the complete range of light bulbs from LED to xenon light bulbs. Because we carry products from major manufacturers we can always match the right bulb to your requirement.

We have ballasts for fluorescent lighting, metal halide lighting as well as other types of High Intensity Discharge lighting. We share our volume pricing with our customers and have no minimum order requirement for established accounts.

Sustainable Lighting

Service Lamp understands that sustainable lighting is not the cheapest bulb but the combination of the right fixture and lamp that offers the lowest life cycle cost and environmental impact. Sustainable lighting meets three tests. First, lighting must meet the illumination requirements for the space. Second, lighting must be the most energy efficient lighting available for the purpose. Third, lighting must have the lowest total cost of ownership and disposal to ensure a minimal environmental impact.

Lighting is essential to production efficiency in office or industrial settings and effective lighting is essential for sales in hospitality or retail. Choosing the wrong light bulb or using the right light bulb in the wrong situation can cost a great deal of money in lost production or lost sales. Service Lamp understands lighting technologies and how to apply them to customer requirements.

Life Cycle Lighting Resource

Picture of Lighting LifecycleService Lamp covers the complete lighting life cycle from lighting design through replacement light bulbs and recycling. Our lighting services save money while creating attractive and productive environments. We provide AutoCAD drawings of our lighting design to your architect for new construction lighting or remodel plans for your existing building. Our account managers will assist in lighting audits for existing buildings to ensure your lighting system is as efficient as possible. Service Lamp can even assist with recycling lighting ballasts, fluorescent light bulbs, metal halide bulbs and other bulbs containing Mercury.

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