During the 1980s Service Lamp worked with office building owners, contractors and utility companies to replace outdated office lighting fixtures with more efficient T8 fluorescent fixtures and electronic ballasts. In many cases utility companies offered rebates as to encourage replacing T12 fluorescent fixtures because the energy load is typically reduced by half. This "saved capacity" then could be offered to new customers.

Good office lighting is important on many levels. The appearance of the work environment can greatly influence productivity, client reaction to the business and the ability to attract highly qualified people. Good office lighting not only accomplishes these objectives but reduces operating costs as well.

Office Lighting Retrofit Projects

Even though we made great progress in retrofitting inefficient and potentially dangerous lighting fixtures from office environments a large installed base of T12 fixtures remains. These fixtures use about twice as much electricity as electronically ballasted, T8 fluorescent fixtures used today and are likely to contain magnetic ballasts with potentially hazardous PCB.

Replacing old fixtures with today's technology will have immediate benefits to your business and our environment. These include:

For additional information on how a retrofit project can benefit your business, call Service Lamp at 800-222-LAMP and ask to speak to a commercial account manager.

Office Relamping Projects

Fluorescent lighting used in office buildings should be replaced on a schedule rather than on failure of a lamp. Incandescent lamps are replaced when they fail because they fail at random intervals. Fluorescent lamps fail at the end of their service life so rather than incur a productivity disruption in the office, replacement is schedule prior to the end of life.

Service Lamp can assist your maintenance staff by providing quality products for installation or by providing products and labor to freshen the entire office building overnight. We have information on group relamping or you can call Service Lamp at 800-222-5267 for immediate assistance.

New Construction Office Lighting Projects

New construction projects fall under energy regulations that have become more strict. Offices, for example could use 1.3 watts per square foot in 2000 but by 2004 the limit was 1.1. Links to these lighting power density limits are provided in our Lighting Links page under Lighting Regulation.

Service Lamp works with building owners contractors and architects to develop lighting plans for new construction projects. Our lighting designs are integrated with project design, construction and commissioning activities.

Parking Structures

Parking structures and areas are often associated with office buildings. Maintaining lighting in these areas is important to risk management as well as employee morale and safety. Service Lamp can provide group relamping services to keep your parking garage lighting up to specifications.

Whether you are planning to relamp, remodel, or build a new office building Service Lamp, 800-222-LAMP, can provide a complete lighting package.