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Lighting Education Links

Advance University

Advance University on line is committed to providing the highest quality ballast training in the industry. Their free, on line courses are available to anyone who registers. Advance University is accredited by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) for their Certified Lighting Efficiency Professional (CLEP) program. Advance has quite a collection of accreditations. Advance training includes training on ballast components, operation, troubleshooting, new technologies and more.

Ballast Basics 101
This course is designed to make the student familiar with Advance Transformer and gain an understanding of the different types of lighting ballasts available.
Ballast Basics 201
Lessons include effects of temperature, troubleshooting fluorescent and HID systems and an introduction to newer lighting technologies.
Intro to New Lighting Technology - DALI
This course is designed to make the student familiar with this new lighting standard and the potential to create new, powerful lighting designs.
ABCs of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballasts
This course will help students understand, evaluate and specify HID ballasts, both magnetic and electronic. It starts with lamp and ballast basics and concludes with an explanation of the operating details and benefits of the fast-emerging electronic HID ballasts.
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Lighting Controls Association

The Lighting Controls Association offers certified, on line courses. Each course is divided into short learning modules (LM) followed by an automated quiz to test your comprehension and earn credit towards your education goals. New courses are expected be added. 

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Lighting Control & Design

LC&D offers a number of training courses. Daylight Harvesting: Lighting Control Tutorial & Exercises is available on line and qualifies for continuing education credit. 

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Lightolier Lessons in Lighting

Lightolier's Lessons in Lighting is a free, on line course on lighting fundamentals. The program consists of 24 lessons and a final exam that covers the entire lighting system...luminaires, lamps, ballasts, and controls. There are lessons on lighting design & application, light & color, lighting terminology, and other related topics.

Lessons in Lighting can count towards continuing education credits for Professional organizations including

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Westinghouse University

Westinghouse Lighting Academy is described by the web site as "a customized curriculum with the ability to track your results."

Registration is required for entry to the contents of the Westinghouse University site. Lessons include:

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