Service Lamp to Launch Fundraising Site 

Voorhees, NJ (Mar 3, 2008) -- Service Lamp Corporation announced today that a new web site supporting their school fundraising program will be launched this month. The School Fundraising Program was started late last year as a means of  supporting energy conservation while allowing non-profit organizations to raise funds. Based on compact fluorescent light bulbs, this effort supports the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World Campaign.

Service Lamp developed a special four pack of compact fluorescent bulbs for use as a school fundraiser product.  The single product makes the planning and execution of the project very simple because there is no catalog to deal with or complex order forms to check.

Simplicity is a key element of the project but so to is spreading the word about energy conservation and the impact compact fluorescent bulbs can have. The program includes educational materials intended to enlighten and empower children to have an impact on protecting the environment. 

Service Lamp is an ENERGY STAR partner but primarily serves other businesses as a full service distributor of lighting products. The school fundraising effort reaches out to the general community with an important environmental message.

The new web site,, is expected to be operating by March 15.

For additional information contact Service Lamp at 800-222-LAMP.


About Service Lamp Corporation

The accent is on service at Service Lamp.  Large enough to manage national accounts but small enough to give each customer personal service, Service Lamp provides lighting products from Philips, Sylvania, General Electric and a number of quality lighting manufacturers to commercial customers nationwide. Lighting fixtures, track systems, ballasts and light bulbs of all types are shipped from Service Lamp's distribution center in Voorhees, NJ. Additional information about the company's products and services can be found on or call 800-222-LAMP.