About T12 Fluorescent Lighting

Voorhees, NJ (July 9, 2010) -- Service Lamp Corporation has provided an article to Furniture World that describes energy regulations that apply to T12 Fluorescent fixtures and lamps. The article entitled, The End For Your T-12 Fluorescents? notes that the workhorse of commercial lighting is not as efficient as new lighting technology but may be around for years to come.

T12 fluorescent lighting has been around for 70 years and still accounts for 30% of lamp sales according to lighting industry experts. The T12 lamp is 1.5 inches in diameter and most commonly 48 or 96 inches long. These lamps are found in offices, stores, and other commercial buildings.

The issue of T12 lighting system efficiency is mainly focused on magnetic ballasts. These ballasts have been phasing out since 2005 when manufacturers were precluded from using T12 magnetic ballasts in new fixtures. In July of 2010 T12 magnetic ballasts can no longer be offered for sale. T12 lamps are also subject to efficiency standards and will also be banned if they fail the criteria.

Additional information is provided in the Furniture World article or you can contact Service Lamp at 800-222-LAMP to learn about options for operating T12 fixtures.


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