Picture of fluorescent, metal halide, and incandescent fixtures offered by Service Lamp.

Service Lamp can select commercial lighting fixtures from a number of manufacturers to give office, industrial, hospitality and retail lighting customers excellent values. We specify lighting fixtures that are efficient, durable yet reasonably priced for new construction, remodel and retrofit projects.

Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Our selection of fixtures and light bulbs depends first on the purpose we are trying to achieve. In all cases the purpose includes providing the most efficient lighting fixtures with the lowet life cycle cost and the lowest environmental impact. Whether the requirement is lighting a steel mill or ice cream parlor we will pick the right fixture for the job.

Decorative Lighting Fixtures

Link to decorative fixtures for specialty areas, hospitality, and areas requiring a design flair.While many of our commercial fixtures are designed for durability and maintainability others are more decorative. Decorative fixtures are commonly used by hospitality lighting customers when a special area is involved or where an area needs to make a statement. Commercial, retail and residential designers have access toour wide variety of decorative fixtures.

Performance, appearance and efficiency are important criteria for selecting a fixture. Where fixture price is the only criteria a simple line voltage, incandescent fixture will do. Unfortunately that is not always a sustainable solution. Ceramic metal halide, fluorescent, or compact fluorescent fixtures are often a better solution because of lower energy and labor costs over the life of the building. When we select fixtures as part of the design process and we strive to identify fixtures with sustainability.

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