Service Lamp provides customers with a full range of lighting products and lighting services. Our goal is to meet every customer need with sustainable lighting products. By putting the accent on service, Service Lamp adds value to top quality lighting fixtures and bulbs. Whether provided by our associates or strategic partners, our services include:

Energy Audits

Energy Audits review the type of lighting used and the amount of electricity consumed to recommend specific actions for more sustainable lighting. Electricity rates are increasing by 30-40% in some areas making efficient lighting a must.

Design Services

Lighting Design Services cover the complete range of requirements from new construction, to remodeling and retrofit projects. Service Lamp designers work closely with project architects, contractors and building owners to make sure all objectives are met.

Group Relamping

Group Relamping is replacing all light bulbs in an area or building on a scheduled basis. This concept applies to fluorescent lamps and high intensity discharge lamps. Service Lamp may provide replacement bulbs to in-house maintenance teams or can arrange for skilled labor to perform the work.


Recycling mercury containing lamps or magnetic ballasts containing PCB is a significant environmental responsibility. Service Lamp can work with you to ensure proper disposal of spent lighting products.

National Accounts

Service Lamp can implement national accounts from major manufacturers. National accounts are intended to service multiple locations with consistent quality, service and pricing. Call us today if you are not getting excellent service from your present supplier or need to establish a national account for lighting products.

Call Service Lamp, 800-222-LAMP, for additional information.