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This page describes the purpose, organization and use of the presentation on Sustainable Lighting


This presentation on sustainable lighting was created for the National Home Furnishings Association seminar program at the April 2009 High Point Furniture Market. The presentation is documented on this web site so that paper copies of the presentation are not required. Further, this presentation may be used in whole or in part, with attribution, by any person to promote the concept of sustainable lighting.

Organization and Overview

The presentation is provided in two forms. One form is the abbreviated, visual aid format used for the verbal presentation.  The visual aids begin with a title page and follow in sequence. Visual aids link to the full text version.

The second form is the full text version following this page in sequence. The text version explains the key points of the visual aid and provides additional information or comments to further understanding of the key points.  Links at the top of the full text page go to the visual aids version.

The presentation begins with a discussion of sustainability, sustainable lighting, and provides examples. Having established the context and definition of sustainable lighting, the presentation then addresses ten specific actions that can be taken to achieve sustainable lighting in existing retail, warehouse, office, or industrial environments.


The navigation scheme is from beginning to end using navigation arrows. This scheme may be a little confusing for visitors landing on a page in the middle of the presentation from a search. The second part of the presentation, lighting action, is addressable from a left margin menu.