This presentation on sustainable lighting was created for the National Home Furnishings Association seminar program at the April 2009 High Point Furniture Market. 

The presentation is documented on this web site so that paper copies of the presentation are not required. 

Further, this presentation may be used in whole or in part, with attribution, by any person to promote the concept of sustainable lighting.

Pages follow in sequence and were the visual aids used in the presentation.

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Lighting Action Overview

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SustainabilitySustainable lighting design minimizes impact on the environment.

Sustainability -- not new but more popular since 2000

Sustainability -- part of corporate culture and strategy

Sustainable Lighting

Ten actions can be taken to move toward sustainable lightingLighting is important to our lives.

Lighting industry is focused on meeting sustainability needs.

Ten actions you can take to achieve sustainable lighting.

  • No Capital Expenditure
  • Common Sense
  • New Systems and Technology

Lighting Technologies

Evolving to meet the need...

Examples of sustainable lighting...