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Sustainable Lighting Overview

Any business should be sustainable. What is the alternative?

The sustainable lighting presentation covers the basic concept of sustainability, sustainable lighting, ten actions that can be taken to achieve sustainable lighting, and a brief look at sustainable lighting technologies.


Sustainable lighting design minimizes impact on the environment.

Sustainability is not a new concept but has gained attention and had grown in popularity since year 2000. The concept of sustainability has been embraced by businesses large and small. Sustainability is now embedded as part of corporate culture and strategy. Our presentation will look at examples of sustainability as practiced by major retailers. You will see that current practice includes sustainable lighting.

Sustainable Lighting

The lighting industry practices concepts of sustainability but the industry has only recently provided a formal definition of sustainable lighting. In the last ten years the lighting industry, engineers and designers have made a transition from responding to energy policy to leading change.

Lightng helps us be productive after the sun goes dLighting is important to our lives because lighting allows us to be productive indoors and after the sun goes down. Lighting accounts 20-25% of electricity used in commercial buildings and is one of the most easily influenced factors for improving energy efficiency. You have seen examples of energy efficiency efforts such as the national campaign to switch from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

There are a number of things retailers can and should do to make sure retail lighting is efficient and sustainable. This presentation will discuss sustainability, sustainable lighting and ten specific actions to achieve sustainable lighting. Most of these ten actions require no capital investment but promise a great return in terms of reduced risk, reduced electricity cost, and reduced maintenance cost. The lighting industry has made advances in technology and taking advantage of technology is the path to sustainable lighting.

Lighting Technologies

Lighting technology is driven by energy policy and customer needs.

Lighting technologies have evolved at an ever increasing rate over the last 10 to 20 years. Lighting technology evolution is a normal evolution of the science and competitive influences. Product life cycles have grown shorter but the basic pattern is 10 years of development-introduction to get the product started, and another 10 years of marketing for consumer acceptance before the product reaches full distribution and maturity.

Lighting technology is driven by energy policy, customer need and rising energy cost. The lighting industry now understands the need for increased efficiency and is working to bring new product to market.

Retailers are becoming increasingly aware of new lighting technologies or applying available technologies in their businesses. Examples are provided throughout this presentation of what is being done to achieve sustainable lighting.